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The Conference at Fantasy Park!

“Twenty of our all time favorite speakers, who have all gone on to the ‘big meeting in the sky,’ are gathered into a single collection for their historical preservation and your personal enjoyment.  This is a ‘must have’ for anyone working a serious program of recovery!”

~ Jerry E. Naples, Florida

Fantasy Park Crowd



The Serenity Club of Southwest Florida, Inc. (a Florida Non-Profit Corporation and an IRS 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization)

This unique CD Set is exclusively available for a very limited time!


Made possible through the generous courtesy of Lee’s Tapes and CDs, this sentimental treasure can be yours for only $99


Download The Flyer Below:

Fantasy Park Flyer

The inspiration for this set has its genesis in a 40 year old radio broadcast!

Rod SerlingFANTASY PARK – A Concert Of The Mind

In 1975, the staff at Dallas radio station KNUS, led by disk jockey Beau Weaver, collaborated to create a 48 hour radio program dubbed “Fantasy Park – A Concert of The Mind.” The idea emerged when one of the station’s jockeys blended several “live” albums cuts in a way that made listeners think a real concert was being held. Fantasy Park took that idea as far as it would go! The station GM, Bart McLendon, recruited Rod Serling to record the host segments, promos, and TV spots. Serling also wrote the only disclaimer which aired each hour: “Hello, this is Rod Serling. Welcome back to Fantasy Park…the crowds here today are unreal.” And also: “This is Fantasy Park…the Greatest Live Concert…never held.”

Fantasy Park ConcertFANTASY PARK – A Conference Of The Mind

In recognition of the 40th Anniversary of “Fantasy Park – A Concert of the Mind,” The Serenity Club of Southwest Florida, Inc., a Florida Non-profit Corporation and an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization, collaborated with Lee’s Tapes and CDs in the development of “Fantasy Park – A Conference Of The Mind.”

Just as it would not have been possible to assemble the various bands of the imaginary concert so long ago, it would also not have been possible for us to host all of our favorite speakers in a single conference.  But, they are presented here, with love and respect for all that they have given to our Fellowship over the past several decades.

We truly hope that you enjoy this “conference that could never happen.”